What is Meditation?

In simple language .. meditation is ” total cessation, or ending, of the restless thought-stream of the mind ”. A state, free from all stray and idyllic thoughts, meditation is the gateway to obtain cosmic energy and cosmic intelligence that surrounds us.

Meditation means making our mind ’rather empty’. Once our mind is more or less empty, we have a tremendous capability of receiving cosmic energy and cosmic information surrounding us. This leads to good health and absolute clarity in the thought process, leading to a joyous life!

Meditation is the grand portal to the Kingdom of Spiritual Wisdom and it revolutionizes our spiritual growth.

With regular and deep practice, we can reach altered states of consciousness or higher frequencies and experience bliss quite naturally.

Anyone can practice meditation without necessarily holding on to any religious or mystical philosophy.

Anyone can practice meditation without necessarily holding on to any religious or mystical philosophy.

Meditation is Very, Very Easy

Meditation is very, very easy to practice and not at all difficult. It is so very simple. One should immediately begin with the straightforward practice of ‘Anapanasati’ in which one needs to be mindful of one’s natural breathing.

In ‘Pali’ language,

‘Ana’ means ‘In-Breath’

‘Apana’ means ‘Out-Breath’

Gautam Buddha taught this technique of meditation thousands of years ago. We all breathe but we do it unconsciously.

In ‘Anapanasati’ .. one needs to maintain normal breathing. Breathe calmly! The task on hand is to consciously observe the naturally happening Breath.

Breathing should be natural, without any effort on our part. There should not be any holding or stopping of the Breath.

Whenever the mind wanders, one has to consciously cut the stray thoughts and bring one’s attention back again and again to the natural rhythm of Breathing. Relax, and become the grand ‘ observer ’ of the Breath!

While practicing ‘Anapanasati’, one can do two things simultaneously: 1) observing one’s own breathing and 2) letting the consciousness spread .. to increase awareness.

Being conscious of the normal Breathing process means, no unnecessary thoughts are allowed to occupy our mind; unnecessary thoughts distract and scatter our energy. So, stray thoughts should be brought to a halt as and when they keep arising. “ Observation ” means, we are not influencing the Breath in any way with any of our material senses or thoughts: we are simply observing it.

Meditation .. in the beginning .. means making the worldly-mind calm. Soon, a deep restful-state is attained. When the largely inconsequential mind becomes rather empty, a huge amount of cosmic energy begins to flood into the physical body. As we keep on meditating, newer vistas of profound experiences enfold us and we reconnect with the cosmic consciousness.

Meditation is an opening into a world of wonders waiting to be experienced. The more we keep practicing meditation, the easier it gets.

One need not go to any particular ashram or a holy place and give up any of our normal responsibilities as a householder to be an Anapanasati meditator. We can carry on with our normal life .. in our normal conditions .. and see how the power of meditation transforms us and helps us to do better in every sphere.

In the beginning, it is useful to meditate in the presence of Senior Masters. They have higher energy levels and the energy flows from them to the beginners, who, of course, have a lower level of energy.

Once we learn the technique, there is no need to be in the presence of a Master or a ‘Guru’. We may practice it at will, on our own. In Anapanasati meditation, there are absolutely no unpleasant side-effects. We can also self-assess or evaluate our progress by sharing our experiences with other senior meditators. Everyone benefits from this simple and magnificent ancient art of “Anapanasati”.

Meditation is the greatest gift, which can be given by our own efforts to our own lives.

Spiritual Health is a very important and integral part of the holistic health needed in human beings. “Anapanasati” meditation guarantees this.

Spiritual-Health is the root and Physical-Health is the fruit. Through meditation, human beings discover the true spiritual meaning behind all the physical illnesses they experience.

Buddha says ..“ Move consciously with the Breath and you will create a center of awareness within you .. then your whole body becomes the Universe! ”

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