‘Master’ is an individual who comprehends not only his own  fundamental nature, but also the fine essence of all energies that surround him. He knows his true purpose in life; and can also help others to understand and achieve their potential !

A lot of people live without knowing what life truly is. At times one feels dejected with unfulfilled or under achieved desires. Many even lose hope. Non harmonious relationships break up families all the time.

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Most available aids have not helped man in adequate study of his own self. Modern technology is inadequate in curing various diseases.

There are a few elemental questions that everyone needs to ask  oneself. The truth behind where we come from, the mystery of birth, death, human misery and their permanent solution, if any, have to be sought in earnest. Unless a person is bent upon finding the truth about human existence or the facts that govern human subsistence, human relationships or human event formations, he is going to drift through his life aimlessly. He is going to grow without knowing what growing up is. He will go into ‘samsara’ or ‘family life’, without knowing what the value of family life is. He will die without knowing what death is. He will reap failures in personal life without knowing what the causes are. Life is not full of awareness for a normal, average person who does not ask the basic questions. When we pose searching questions to ourselves, we will find all answers.

We owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be. The goal of human life should be constant growth under all circumstances – in the best possible way. This requires sustained effort and willingness to choose the path that leads to an expansion of consciousness. For example if one is a graduate, for further growth, he must aim for
‘Post Graduation’. A ‘Master’ is a person dedicated to the path of self improvement.

We are born on Earth to pursue spirituality and become ‘Masters’. Our purpose is not to suffer or languish as half-baked individuals. The purpose of each and every person born on this Earth is to regale himself/herself with the highest possible Enjoyment, Entertainment and Enlightenment.

So, irrespective of profession or position, we can all be happy only if we are Spiritual Masters. Whether we are an engineer, a legislator, a businessman, a teacher, a student, a clerk, a bus-driver, or even a housewife… we can all grow in Spirituality. My purpose is to shake every person, awaken everyone, into thinking of Mastery, into setting up the personal goal of becoming a Master.

The first step to becoming a Master is to aim for it. It is good to begin early in our lives when flexibility of both body and mind is on our side. Age is of little consequence. Some hear about Mastery in their early childhood itself and achieve it.

We can all become Masters by taking to meditation. Our Reality has two aspects. The known- Smaller Reality and the unknown- Greater Reality. The known Smaller Reality is like a pin-head and the unknown Greater Reality is like a big mountain. We delude ourselves as vincible and dwell in ignorance; we think we are incapable of doing things and have small potential. Reality is something else.

This realization dawns with meditation. We have to become Masters of our mind with the ability to still our mind whenever we want. In that stillness of mind, our inner senses get activated and the inner senses begin to throw light on our own invisible ‘Greater Reality’ along with the ‘Cosmic Invisible Reality’. It is then that we understand the grand structure of the Cosmos and our very own Grand Self. Death of the Puny-Personality- Self follows. This knowledge of our own Grand Self, our Universal and Cosmic Self comes only through meditation, enlightenment and hearing others’ life experiences.

Once we know about our Cosmic Self, we understand that we are everybody and everybody is our self. There is no separation. There is no ‘other’. We exist everywhere as everything, and as everybody. Then begins health, longevity and immortality. Realization of our own Cosmic Self is the target of a would-be Master. For this, out of twenty four hours, we have to earmark an hour for Meditation, an hour for reading the right books, and one hour for spending time with co-meditators, coseekers and masters. This is an on-going process. This process of becoming a Master begins, but never ends. We should never be ‘devotees’ of anyone or ‘disciples’ of anybody. Our aspiration should be to become Masters ourselves.

Apart from doing meditation, reading right books and seeking right company ‘sajjana sangatya’, we have to do many more things. People who have set their goal to “Be a Master â€Â, need to take the famous ‘middle path’ of Buddha. It entails fostering of minimum basic needs and avoidance of unnecessary desires. One needs to cease thinking carelessly or casually. One also needs to stop talking and listening to others indifferently. Only then we would have sufficient time and energy on our hands, to spare for our efforts in becoming Masters. Many people have become Masters through the efforts of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

Becoming a ‘Master’ is certainly a time taking process but it is also a very worthy one. Only you can be your friend. Only you can be your foe. Only you can help yourself. It all happens through practice of meditation; by reading books; and through constant sajjana sangatya. Intensive introspection leads us to realize that others cannot really help; it is all our own personal effort and responsibility. Jesus Christ said “Seek ye the Kingdom of God. Then, all else will be added unto youâ€Â. It is all within. We have to close our eyes and have to observe the breathing that connects life and death, mortality and immortality. One has to do the relevant ‘sadhana’ to become a Master i.e., to open and activate one’s own“Third Eye,â€Â.

Once we become a Master, life becomes continuous joy and celebration. All ill-health disappears. We become a natural leader of among the people. We are everybody’s friend. We become more efficient in whatever we take up. We achieve whatever we seek.

We should encourage all children to become Masters. We should not dismiss them as ‘kids’. They have taken many births before. An advanced soul could be in a child’s body. We have to treat them as Masters and talk to them of Mastery. We can talk of Mastery even to old people. Nothing is impossible for mankind. Neither childhood nor old age is a barrier; nor the lack of education any hindrance. Every person should be encouraged to become a Master.

Once we become a Master, we end the chain of Births and Deaths. We don’t have to be born again. We may come to earth now and then to teach others, or just to be an example, but our particular course on Earth is over. We get promoted to Higher Worlds. We begin to create our own under-selves. We may even create new worlds,
new planets, newer galaxies depending on our Personal

Unless we live like a Master we cannot die like a Master. Unless we die like a Master we cannot break this chain of Reincarnation. So we keep coming back until we become a Master. We have to be born again. We have to die again, any number of times.

If one doesn’t pay attention to “Be A Master†that’s his own choice. One would have to bear the consequence and be born again and again. The two routes are crystal clear. One can either postpone spirituality and come back repeatedly, or take up spirituality and make the current lifetime the final one. If we choose to be a disciple or a devotee, we have to come back yet again. But if we choose to be a Master, this cycle would conclude.

So, be a Master who is a pleasure to see, hear and be with. Endeavor to be a Master who is one with everybody and with whom everybody is one !