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Some Basic Laws of Spiritual Science

Over the last couple of centuries, humanity has reached a great understanding about the laws that govern the physical world, but the mathematically precise laws that govern the universe, are not so well understood. Great sages and saints of all time have applied and taught these laws for millennia, but earth’s scientific community had ignored them until recently.21st century is going to change all that for better. Now scientists are verifying the laws that enable us to live harmoniously with ourselves, with others, and with the natural world.

We cannot achieve our highest potential, without understanding and using the universal laws.

Law of Attraction

 An important universal law, the Law of Attraction recently became popular, through the movie, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret introduced the concept of manifesting to the masses, by explaining how we attract experiences that match our beliefs.

Law of attraction states, that our good remains invisible to us as long as we remain in lower vibrations. When we vibrate higher all the good things of higher vibration show themselves in our life. These things are there in existence but we can’t see them until we match our vibrations with theirs. This change in our vibrations works like a two way street. We attract what is in vibrational alignment with us, and we release what is not in alignment with us; that includes people, circumstances, thoughts, feelings, habits, hobbies, practices and beliefs.

In other words, energy always attracts like energy. In order to have something we haveto be in resonance with it.The universe doesn’t give us what we ask for; it gives us what we resonate with. It does not hear our words – it hears our vibrational frequency.

Nothing ever happens by accident, chance or luck.

Law of Oneness

 Law of Oneness tells us that we are all ‘one being’ expressing itself in different unique forms. Everyone else is just an aspect of us. We are the one who creates the intention and the one who fulfills it.

This effectively means that our smallest, least significant thought, word, or action has real consequence throughout the Universe. It is said that if a butterfly flaps its wings in the Sahara desert, the effect is seen in the melting of Arctic glaciers. This thought puts great responsibility on our shoulders. It virtually tells us that each one of us carries a power to affect the entire world.We are responsible for everything that happens in this Universe. What I do affects you and what you do affects me; even though we may live miles or even continents apart.

This also means that we have the ability to influence everything in our life; right from our health to our finances! There are no limits to the extent to which we can alter our reality. Anything is possible here.

We are powerful beings, who can actually change the condition of the world, because our personal energy field influences the collective energy field, which in turn influences the universal energy field!

Once we truly internalize that everything we say, think and do affects every person, place and thing in creation; when we really ‘get’ it, it is the most amazing experience of humility and joy.

Law of Abundance

 The universal law of abundance tells us that when we offer abundance to others, the universe fills us up with more abundance.When we give from our heart, we become a channel for the flow of universal abundance.What we give out comes back full circle as giving circulates wealth and abundance. Givers always gain because the ones who give the most receive the most.

When universe manifests our dreams, it does not take away anything from anyone else; it just dips into its own abundance. Similarly, we don’t lose out on our dreams if someone else gets there first. Law of abundance tells us to make most of ourselves; for us and for others.It expects us to grow and affect everyone in a positive manner.

Law of Perpetual Increase

This law is very visible in nature around us, where a single seed produces hundreds of seeds, and everything always becomes more.Nature drives us to know more, do more, be more and have more, in order to give more.

Everyone and everything in nature aspires for more abundant life and advancement. It is an inherent instinct. Similarly, all human actions are directed by a desire for more. We want more food, more clothes, more goods, more beauty, more fun, more love, more knowledge, more wisdom, more peace and more life.

But we have to understand the difference between wanting more from a platform of joyful expansion, and wanting more from a feeling of lack and poverty consciousness. There is a difference between the two, and it is important to understand this difference.

When we act according to the law of perpetual increase, we receive progressively more for ourselves while giving progressively more to everyone who comes in our contact. We become a central node from which abundance flows to all.

Those of us who live in scarcity see the cup as half empty, positive thinkers see the cup as half full, but those who understand the law of perpetual increase,always seethe cup as overflowing; and abundance overflows in their lives.

 We activate the law of perpetual increase when we open our heart and wish more growth to all.

Law of Reciprocity

 According to the universal law of reciprocity, if we want more love in our life, we have to give more love to others. If we want respect, we have to respect others. If we want to be successful, we have to help someone else succeed. If we want happiness, we have to make others happy. And if we want to be wealthy, we have to help others create wealth. In other words, whatever we want for ourselves, we have to give more of that to others.

If we can’t give material things, we can at least intend that others experience growth. For example, if I want a house, I don’t have to give a house to someone, but I can definitely send a thought that everyone ought to have a house. That is a thought of increase. It keeps us in tune with the law of reciprocity and leads us to ourheart-felt desires.