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Science of Meditation

Meditation is the greatest gift which can be given by our own efforts to our own lives. It enables everyone to become one with the universal consciousness. We emerge from eternity to enjoy a brief journey of birth, growth and death. To understand and make sense of this journey, we have the Science of Meditation to help us.

Meditation, when approached like a science becomes easier to practice. There are three grand happenings in the practice of Meditation.

The First Grand Happening:

“When we are with the simple, normal, easy, natural flow of the breath, our mind becomes rather empty.â€Â

Meditation is silencing the ceaseless chatter of our fidgety mind. This path, begins when we focus on the breath. When mind is with the breath it becomes uncluttered and empty. The mind also has to lose all its unscientific, socio-religious, mental images and meaningless props. So chanting of any mantra doesn’t play any role in meditation.

We simply have to attune ourselves to our natural and normal breath. Once we are in tune with our breath, by and by the mind becomes less tense and less dense and sooner than later, it becomes rather empty. Osho very correctly says, “Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand – relax. If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it.â€Â

Breath is the ambassador of pure consciousness in the human body. It is an incessant happening. Breath does not age. It can be experienced. Breath can be very easily attuned to. And being with the breath quietens all thoughts.

The Second Grand Happening:

“When the mind is rather empty, huge amounts of cosmic energy floods into the physical body.â€Â A disorderly and cluttered mind doesn’t allow cosmic energy to enter into the body system. When the mind is like a forest, cosmic energy is not allowed to seep into the physical body. A ‘jungle-like mind’ is impermeable. However, when all the clutter and confusion is removed, universal energy of the cosmos can easily flood our bodies.

Meditation is the one and only process of clearing our minds littered with endless thoughts. And, the way ahead is guided by our own breath.

The Third Grand Happening:

“When sufficient amount of cosmic energy enters the physical body, the result is a reasonable amount of activation of the Third-E ye experience.â€Â

‘Third-Eye’ activation is an experiential journey. It can be best explained in words as activation of our extra sensory perceptions. Before any ‘Third-Eye’ experience, the physical body needs to be drenched with cosmic energy. When the body is saturated with cosmic energy, any black patches (which block the energy) in the etheric body are dissolved and our soul’s potential gradually becomes kinetic. The Science of Meditation is the true science of energy maximization. It shows us the technique of tapping into the unlimited supply of cosmic energy that surrounds us.

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The Soul has endless potential, and infinite capacity. However, all that remains dry and barren as long as we don’t awaken it through our meditation. Meditation culminates in the activation of our ‘inner sense’ or the ‘Third-Eye’. Most importantly, meditation leads to our Soul Consciousness. It puts us back in touch with who we actually are – not mere physical bodies but an intelligent part of the universal consciousness called ‘souls’.

In case of a normal man, this Soul Consciousness seems lost. The good news is, anyone can have it back, at anytime of their choosing, and experience the true dimension of a ‘being’ that has the power to connect with the cosmic consciousness. The Science of Meditation points to the pathway of gaining this power in a simple straightforward manner. It is the true unifying science that can guide one fittingly in the mystical journey of life.

To practice breath meditation, any comfortable sitting posture can be taken. Hands should be clasped and eyes should be closed to cut off the eighty percent of constant stimulation to our brain. The crux of the matter is to resist the routine wanderings of the mind. Thoughts should be brought to a halt, as and when they keep arising. As we meditate, newer vistas of profound experiences enfold us and we reconnect with the universal consciousness. It is an opening to a world of wonders waiting to be encountered. It is fitting to wrap this article with a quote from the Master of Anapanasati Meditation – Buddha, who says, “Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.â€Â