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Conscious Creation in 11 Easy Steps

Conscious creating or cosmic ordering is an exact science, which works for everyone who follows these 11 steps diligently and in complete faith.

 Know what you want

 Our dreams are all about what we want and desire; hence it helps to be very clear about what we want.This is the planting of a seed. Our want must be so strong that it becomes the first thought when we wake up and last thought when we fall asleep. That is a good quality seed.

When a gardener plants a seed, he is very clear about the kind of tree it will eventually grow into. He knows its optimum size, and the shape and color of its leaves. He knows the fragrance of its flowers and the taste of its fruit. While planting a seed, he can clearly visualize the end result.

 Why do you want it?

 Once we know what we want, it also helps to know why we want it. We must have solid reasons to want what we want; otherwise our motivation levels may falter.

The gardener is always clear why he is sowing a particular seed. He doesn’t just sow it randomly. He knows exactly what he is planting and why.

Don’t worry about how

 We don’t have to know how to get what we want; we only have to know what we want, and why we want it. In fact, it helps to say, “I don’t know how it will happen, but it will happen.†Such a statement shows our trust in the process.

The gardener doesn’t know much about botany; he only knows that he wants a particular fruit and goes ahead to plant its seed. How the seed will sprout and grow is not for him to worry about. He leaves this job to the seed itself. He knows that there is life within the seed and the life principle will take care of its growth.


 Manifesting our desires is not about hoping and praying, it is about being dedicated to our dream’s fruition. Without a solid commitment, tomorrows will come, years will pass but nothing will change.

The gardener makes it a point to take good care of the patch where he has planted the seed.


Expectation is an impelling force in our life. It creates intent and energy, which lead to attention and focus and eventual manifestation of a desire.

The gardener excitedly expects the seed to sprout, grow into a tree and bear the best fruit.

Laser sharp focus

 The secret of co-creation is that we don’t get what we want; we get what we pay attention to.If you are not focused upon your desire, it means you don’t really desire it that badly.

The gardener is always mindful of the seed that he has planted and pays due attention to all its needs.

 Written commitment

 Writing a dream on a piece of paper removes it from the realm of wishful thinking and makes it more concrete and crystallized. Writing also increases the chances of success by keeping us focused on our desires. Writing creates an image on the screen of our mind and tunes our brain to the frequency of our thought. This process changes our vibration and the vibration changes our action. Thus the simple act of writing propels us towards an inspired action.Finally the action helps us receive what we desire.It all works under the universal Law of Manifestation.

The gardener too has a general timeframe in which he expects to harvest his crop.

 New Life Story

After penning down a written commitment, fill it up with great details to create your ‘New Life Story’. This story must incorporate all areas of your life; professional and personal, including health, finance, relationships, and life style. Make it a narrative, in first person. Write it in present tense, as though you are writing a letter to someone telling the details of your life. The only difference is that these details will be of your dream life, as if you are living this life in the present. Put all your emotions and excitement into this story. Include as many minor details as you possibly can. Run this storythrough your mind at least once a day as each run builds up the momentum. Fine-tune it as and when required, until it completely resonates with you.

The gardener always keeps the important milestones of the growing tree in his mind. He has a clear mental picture of the end product. He dreams about sitting in the shade of the tree and eating its fruit. He feels the cool breeze on his skin and tastes the fruit on his tongue. He talks about the time when the tree will be mature and plans the space around it accordingly.

 Trust and Faith

When you visualize your dream life, the picture must be backed by a strong and unshakable faith that your dream is already a reality. As you mentally live in the visuals, enjoy them completely, believing that you have received them completely. Repeating mere words doesn’t really help, but holding your vision with unshakable faith and trust does.

A gardener does not dig out the seeds to check if they are germinating. He trusts that the growth process is under way, even if he can’t see it. He doesn’t let anyone step on the flowerbeds either because he knows that seedlings can’t grow if people step on them. As the plant grows he protects it from harsh elements, vandals and stray cattle.


 When we are grateful for things, which we own only in our imagination, we are completely in trust. That is the kind of trust, which makes us achieve our dreams.

The gardener is always grateful for the sun, the rain and the fruit of his labor.

Let go

The final step in the manifestation process is the most important one. It is about letting go of the dream in the care of the universe, and releasing all attachment to it. There is a great power in letting go.

Go with the flow and don’t let the results control your thinking. Get out of the way of the working of your subconscious mind. Remember that grasping tight stops the flow of abundance.

The gardener knows this fact only too well; he does his job and lets go of the rest.

This article is an extract from the book, “Achieve Your Highest Potential: Be the Best You Can Beâ€Â, by Chitra Jha, published by Penguin Random House.