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Six facts of Spiritual Science

Sometimes we wonder about what might happen if we have been meditating for a while and are not able to do it any more. Or, whether we would move backwards instead of forwards in our spiritual journey… if we are not able to meditate daily for some reason. Well, we will be relieved to find that there is never any ‘going back ! Everyone is moving ahead in this particular journey no matter at what pace ! There could be a little, so felt, stagnation… but there is no regression what so ever. “So we can be rest assured our growth happens irrespective of what we choose to experience ! But this entire Soul-journey can be better understood and accelerated when we understand the “Six Facts of Spiritualityâ€Â.

First Fact:
Fact of Consciousness: We are not matter. We are consciousness. We are not just atoms or molecules. We are energy that is pure and ‘aware.’ We are eternal. We are Forever-Being.

Second Fact:
Fact of Incarnation and Reincarnation: As the ‘consciousness’ state ‘involutes’ into matter, we first go through ‘Incarnation’. The primary process of involution (from pure energy and consciousness) is incarnation. Based on our experience and choices, ‘Reincar nation’ follows. T he process of ‘Reincarnation’ is evolution. First we incarnate, and then, more often than not, reincarnate.

Third Fact:
Fact of Law of Karma: “Karma†means “actionâ€Â. ‘Law of Karma’ is also the ‘Law of Cause and Effect’. Whatever we may choose, act or do in the state of ‘matter’, we have to pay for those deeds in this very state of ‘matter’. Christ has put it well – “As you sow – so shall you reap !â€Â

Fourth Fact:
Fact of Constant Inevitable Progression: Every entity, discarnate or incarnate, always forges ahead. We incarnate into ‘matter’ to experience different things and all these experiences… both positive and negative, add to our progression. The momentum at which we advance will differ from one to the other. Some may even look stagnant in their respective spiritual journies but that is only what appears to be. It is definitely not the truth. The truth is, we are all progressing constantly in our spiritual growth at the rate of our own choosing !

Fifth Fact:
Fact of Possibility of Hastening Progression:
It is definitely possible for us to become candidates for rapid advancement if one choose to act wisely. Everyone is free to ‘hasten’ their progress in their spiritual journey. This is also called as ‘Yoga Siddhanta’.

For example, people make progress without meditation too, but with meditation, they can choose to develop faster. Besides meditation, reading spiritual books and listening to great spiritual masters will help one speed up one’s advancement on this path.

Sixth Fact:
Fact of Infinities: Once we awaken our inner senses with ‘Third Eye’ perceptions, we see “the infinity†all around ourselves. We realize that the essence of the cosmic infinite consciousness lies in everything and everybody. There are infinite beings; there are infinite worlds, infinite desires, infinite goals, infinite actions and also infinite reactions; We have infinite power, energy and potential. We are encapsulated in a neverending creative process. It is amazing to be surrounded by such magnificence. In fact, we are rendered speechless at the enormity of this situation !

Once we become a Master through “yoga siddhanta†(explained above as the fifth fact) and awaken our third eye, one begins to grasp the final sixth fact. This final grand perception is also very humbling. At long last, we comprehend our true significance in the grand scheme of the infinite consciousness and learn to be grateful for every chance that comes across our way as an experience. We stop our petty judgemental nature. We grasp the importance of letting go of our small ‘ego’ and become the true image of the vast, benevolent universal consciousness.

The fifth fact as revealed to spiritual science places the onus of the pace of our journey squarely on our shoulders. So what is it that we want in our own expedition of life? A crawl, a stillness or a quick progress ? The choice is ours !