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About Us

This is a Social Transformation initiative from Pyramid Meditation Foundation UK. Pyramid Meditation Foundation UK is not-for-profit organisation dedicated to spreading Meditation, New age spiritual science and Compassion for peaceful and enlightened living, through collaboration and partnership with like-minded individuals, masters, communities and organisations.

Pyramid Meditation Foundation UK is part of the global Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement that is a collection of non-religious, non-cult, not-for-profit ventures and voluntary spiritual organizations with a common mission to spread Anapanasati Meditation and Vegetarianism and their key role in providing physical, mental, intellectual health and well-being to one and all.  Founded in 1990, by Brahmarshi Subash Patriji, the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement has touched and enlightened the lives of millions of people across the world. More information is available at

About the Guide and Visionary

Brahmarshi Patriji is a new-age spiritual master who has been on a mission to spread the practice of meditation across the globe. Since 1979, Patriji has been striving hard to enlighten and awaken each and every individual to their infinite potential and reminding them that they create their own reality. Patriji established the ‘Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement’ in 1990 in India. This new age movement comprises of thousands of organized non-profit groups and pyramid meditation centres dedicated to spreading breath meditation and spiritual science. Millions of people have attended Patriji’s long group meditation sessions. Patriji is also a great musician who plays the flute exceptionally well and uses it to enhance meditation.

The key teaching of Brahmarshi Patriji is to use meditation as not just a yogic practice for health and peace but as a higher order means of connecting to one’s infinite self and manifesting their own realities. Patriji has authored over sixty books and audio-talks in English and other Indian languages. He travels extensively across the globe conducting intense meditation sessions and workshops on topics like ‘New Age Spiritual Science’, ‘Science of Meditation’, ‘Energy, Consciousness and Wisdom’ and ‘Creating your reality’. In addition to a deep study of all relevant scriptures, he has read more than 50,000 books on Enlightenment and Spirituality written by several great old and new-age masters/gurus and authors.

Patriji, was a scientist by profession before he dedicated himself solely to bringing meditation and spiritual science to global humankind. He understood the science behind pyramidal structures in preserving and enhancing energies much early and has been propagating the power of pyramids for meditation. He has inspired the building of thousands of pyramids solely for meditation across the globe. There are 10 large mega-pyramids in India which are used as meditation retreats by millions. Each of these mega-pyramids, including the Maitreya-Buddha Mega Pyramid in Bengaluru, India that serves as the headquarters of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, are architectural master pieces in addition to providing healing and enlightenment experiences to thousands who meditate inside those. In addition there are thousands of smaller pyramids and residential roof-top pyramids built solely for meditation across several villages, towns and cities in India and other countries.

Patriji has been a passionate proponent of meditation to all segments of society irrespective of class, religion or nationality. His meditation sessions at places like prisons and hospitals has healed and transformed hundreds of inmates. He founded the Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy that publishes text books and promotes meditation and spiritual science education in hundreds of schools. Patriji has been conferred with several awards in recognition of his selfless and highest form of service to humanity – teaching everyone to transform themselves through regular practice of meditation.